Trimming Down to 75

The Roster was cut down from 90 to 75 today.

75 Man Roster Cuts: DL Shaneil Jenkins, LB James Morris, CB Jeremiah McKinnon, G Mike McQueen, WR Richard Mullaney, WR Rodney Smith, C Dan Buchholz, DB Arjen Colquhoun, LB Henoc Muamba

Questionable Cut: WR Rodney Smith — Rodney Smith was showing some potential this offseason and this past game against Seattle when he went on a streak to make 3 catches and score a touchdown on his lone drive in. With his 6’5″ frame he could have developed into a good role player. He has some similar attributes to another preseason player who was cut by the Dallas Cowboys and a current member or the Oakland Raiders in Andre Holmes. I do not think that he should have made the 53 man roster, but I do think that he should have made the 70 man roster, and maybe even the practice squad.

Overall, I believe that they made some productive cuts. The cut of Shaneil Jenkins was frustrating, but, due to injury it was necessary.

Grade: B+

Published by: Nicco Vocaturo


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