Featured Dallas Cowboys Player of the Month: Dak Prescott (September)

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott Preseason Stats


A very special player of the month this month is Dak Prescott. The dual threat, soul leader of the Mississippi State Bulldogs slide to pick 135 and was stolen by the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak received his first start in the first preseason game of the season against the Los Angeles Rams and finished with a near perfect quarterback rating as he operated the offense like a 15 year veteran, the following week he finished with a perfect quarterback rating.

Now with the injury to Tony Romo, his air apparent Dak Prescott will get a heavy work load and lead the team until he comes back.

2016 Stat Projection: Dak Prescott 110/160(68.8%) 1212 yards 12 touchdowns 4 interceptions, 175 rushing yards 3 rushing touchdowns (6 games started)

Analysis: Dak will do a great deal of work passing the ball, but, he will also force the defense to respect his ability to run by running it when the time comes. It will be very exciting to watch the young man go.

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman

Published by: Nicco Vocaturo


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