Featured Dallas Cowboy of the Month (October)

October: Ezekiel Elliott


Another very significant player this month is Ezekiel Elliott. He is an Ohio State breed, multidimensional running back that once he gets going, he cannot be stopped. Zeke entered his first NFL game in week 3 of the preseason where he made a huge statement by running over the practically the entire Seahawks “Legion of Boom.” The most recognizable play was him pounding Kam Chancellor, the heart of that defense.


Zeke is in a crowded backfield so he won’t be on the field every snap (which is a good thing) , but, he is a 3 down back and will continue to receive a large workload. He is coming off a very nice game where he ran for all career highs with 140 yards on 28 carries with 2 catches and 20 yards.


2016 Stat Projection: Ezekiel Elliott 302 carries 1600 yards(5.3ypc)(100ypg) 13 touchdowns, 42 catches 399 yards 2 touchdowns (Pro Bowl) (UPDATE 9/11)

On Pace For: 379 carries 1462 yards(3.9ypc)(92ypg) 11 touchdowns, 27 catches 134 yards (Pro Bowl) (As of 10/1)

Analysis: Elliott will continue to pound the ball the ball out all season. You would like to see him get down to around 21 carries a game opposed to 24 and get his yards per. carry up to around mid 5’s as well as up his catches a game opposed to 2.5 to 1.7. I believe that he has been playing well and he is really learning to find the hole at the NFL level much better. He is playing very good, and he still has a lot of room for improvement, that is terrifying for the rest of the NFL.



Published by: Nicco Vocaturo


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