A Very Important Tony Romo/Dak Prescott Comparison, Plus Insight

There has been much speculation to who is going to be under center for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo or Dak Prescott. Both clearly are deserving NFL starters, but there can only be one quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

This brings me to a comparison that I have really thought about a great deal over the past few weeks, Joe Montana and Steve Young of the San Fransisco 49ers (1987-1992).

Through Joe Montana’s career with the  San Francisco 49ers, he was 100-39 (72% winning percentage), with 33 game winning drives (31 comebacks). Through Tony Romo’s career, he has been 78-49 (62% winning percentage) with 30 game winning drives (25 comebacks).

Joe Montana has a higher quarterback rating than any quarterback that has played in 1979 or before. Tony Romo has a higher quarterback rating than any quarterback that has played in 2004 or before.

Joe Montana helped Steve Young in every way he could do so.

When Steve Young arrived in San Fransisco, former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh told Young regarding Montana, “he’s had a second back surgery Steve, and he will not recover from it.”

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Dak Prescott pick 135 in the 4th round. Prescott was the third Dallas Cowboy quarterback selected in the last 25 years (Quincy Carter, Stephen McGee). The reason why Dak was drafted is obvious: he is coming off many back injures. A broken left collarbone in 2015, a back fracture in 2014, a ruptured disk in 2013, a broken left collarbone in 2014, and now in 2016 he has a fractured vertebra.

It is worthy of noting that none of the 4 quarterbacks in this comparison were drafted better than 82nd overall in 1979 (Joe Montana). Tony Romo was undrafted and Steve Young was a supplemental draft pick.

Both Young and Prescott’s reason for entrance is not the only similarity between the two of them, they are both very mobile/conservative quarterbacks. In Young’s first season starting all 16 games (1992), he ran for 537 yards as well as 4 touchdowns. Only one quarterback ran for more yards and touchdowns in that season, Randall Cunningham who had 12 more yards and one more touchdown. Dak Prescott is on a 16 game pace to rush for 240 yards and 10 touchdowns. On October 26th, Adam Scheffer (@AdamSchefter) tweeted some interesting information, “Dak Prescott completing 73.1% of 3rd-down passes, which would be best mark since Steve Young in 1994 SB-winning season, via @paul_hembo.”

Steve Young is a 3x Super Bowl champion, Dak Prescott is the first rookie to lead his team to a 6-1 start since Johnny Lujack. He did that in 1948. Lujack wasn’t a full time starter as well.

Tony Romo helping Dak Prescott in every way he can do so.

There are similarities everywhere between the two sets of the quarterbacks, and that is why it was such a difficult decision back then, just as it is today. In my opinion, I will stand by my reasoning and start Dak Prescott until Tony Romo is absolutely, completely 100%, and then give him reins back and go from there.

A quote from Dak Prescott regarding the Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback situation
An Early August Preseason Poll, Prior to the 2016 Romo Injury

Published by: Nicco Vocaturo


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