Featured Dallas Cowboy of the Month (January)

January: Tony Romo

Tony Romo came to the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted rookie in 2003 out of Eastern Illinois. He rose from potential roster filler to an MVP caliber player over the years, passing for nearly 35,000 yards with the Dallas Cowboys. Romo is the DCFOOTBALLDAILY player of the month for January, so here are some fun facts about Antonio Romo.

Yes, Tony Romo’s real name Antonio. His middle name is Ramiro. Tony’s comes from a mixed background. He is Spanish (most likely Mexican), Polish, and German. The Spanish comes from his father and the Polish and German come from his mother. Romo is also an American, he is in fact a second generation American though.

Many do not know this, but two Super Bowl winning head coaches were very fond of the quarterback, prior to him signing as an undrafted free agent with America’s Team. Those two coaches were Sean Payton and Mike Shanahan. At the time, Payton was the quarterbacks coach for Dallas.

Earlier in his career in a preseason game against the Oakland Raiders in 2004, when he was ten third string quarterback, he had a chance to win the game for his team. For several years, the Cowboys and Raiders had a preseason rivalry in which they played every year, like the Jets-Giants preseason rivalry. Late in the fourth, Romo rushed for the game-winning touchdown with six seconds left in regulation.

In 2006, Tony Romo’s first NFL pass went for 33 yards to wide receiver and then rookie, Sam Hurd. The receiver out of Northern Illinois was a tall player who flashed potential at times, especially during his 2007 season with the Cowboys. He couldn’t stay out of trouble which really negatively affected his career though.

Tony Romo’s second NFL pass was a goal line touchdown pass to Terrell Owens.

The next week in 2007, Romo took over as the starter for Drew Bledsoe against the New York Giants. His first pass attempt, interception. Rough start in the game, but was a really good learning tool for him as he looked to take a lot out of the game which ultimately helped him greatly in the future.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells announced that Romo would debut as the starting quarterback for the week 8 NBC Sunday Night Football game against the Carolina Panthers. Romo led the Cowboys to victory in his first game as a starter, 35–14 and was named the SNF Rockstar of the Game.

Since 2006, Tony Romo has the highest passer rating in the 4th quarter of any NFL quarterback.

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