Dak Prescott Encores Pepsi Rookie of the Year with NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Elliott by Side

Houston, Texas – Tonight at the NFL Honors, rookie sensation Dak Prescott was awarded AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Last May, there were 7 quarterbacks drafted before Prescott, Dak’s NFC leading 13 wins amasses all of those 7 quarterbacks win totals combined from this season.

Prescott accepted the award standing next to Ezekiel Elliott, which should surprise no one. Most know the greatness the duo had on the field this season, but, many don’t know their effectiveness off of the field. The two stepped in and were leaders from very earlier on in the season. The accomplished all one could possibly ask for out of a rookie season, both of the seasons ending in a Pro Bowl nod.

As the only nominees, this award was destined to go to only Prescott or Elliott, and even though it is a bit of a surprise that both major Rookie of the Year went to Prescott (Prescott – Pepsi and AP, Elliott – Sporting News and PFWA), it is still very deserving.

“I wish I had a knife so we could cut it in half,” Dak semi-jokingly said from the stage at the Wortham Theater Center.

Dak Prescott’s leadership combined with his outstanding play and professionalism are some traits that make him deserving of this award. This upcoming season, he will get to show what he can really do under a full off-season as the set starter, as he is presumed to continue his role as the quarterback of America’s team.

Published by: Nicco Vocaturo


Welcome to the HOF 421, LOL

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