Could the Cowboys Actually Land Richard Sherman? Other Potential Targets

Earlier this week, news broke that the Seattle Seahawks would considering trading Pro-Bowl cornerback, Richard Sherman.

To further understand the situation regarding the Dallas Cowboys, some background information. Today, the Cowboys lost cornerback Morris Claiborne to the New York Jets. Yesterday, that Cowboys lost cornerback Brandon Carr to the Baltimore Ravens. Last week, Dallas did bring in cornerback Nolan Carroll whose role is yet to be determined. The majority of the free agent cornerbacks who can play outside are off the market. Another Seahawk, Deshawn Shead could have been a potential target, but after resigning with the Seattle he is off the market. The Cowboys seemed to have moderate interest in bringing back DeMarcus Ware this offseason. Dallas could have also been interested in bringing back cornerback Terence Newman, who spent 9 years in Dallas playing with the Cowboys. However, he resigned with the Minnesota Vikings earlier today. As the depth chart sits right now, sophomore cornerback Anthony Brown figures to take on the responsibilities as the number 1 cornerback, Orlando Scandrick will now have no completion for the nickel role with Brown showcasing his ability to play all over the field.

Moreover, the Cowboys obviously have themselves in an uneasy situation at cornerback, unless they are planning to be active early on in the draft. Now comes the news regarding Richard Sherman. It is undeniable that the Cowboys would have interest in Sherman, but how far would they be willing to go? Also, what is the minimum the Seahawks would need for the deal to come into fruition?

Assessing the market of Richard Sherman, I am comparing him to now New England Patriots receiver, Brandin Cooks. Sherman is respected more than Cooks is when it comes to their own positions. Also, Cooks’ has an expiring contract which is sometimes a situation GMs like to stay away from. When you’re the Patriots that’s not generally a problem though. Anyway, Cooks is indeed 5 years younger than Sherman and he is playing on a rookie contract opposed to Sherman’s $12m deal. Just to note, the contract of Sherman is not a deal breaker. It is actually a very reasonable deal for a player of his caliber. Especially in a trade since his dead cap is nearly $10m. To the comparison of the value; I believe their values are pretty similar. The Patriots traded the 32nd pick of the draft for Cook, I believe that Dallas’ first round pick, the 28th pick would be a fair value for Sherman. Now what the Seahawk are looking for is, nobody really knows. I am assuming they value Sherman as a mid-first round grade, so they would probably want Dallas’ late first round pick as well as most likely a conditional third round pick as well. I would say it’s 

Former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi recently stated that:

“I truly believe based on what I hear around the National Football League that the Seahawks would, in fact— for the right deal—trade Richard Sherman. In Seattle’s scheme, the corner is really not the most important player in the scheme. I think Seattle really thought twice about paying Richard Sherman. They felt they had to when they won the Super Bowl. Now their cap’s kind of a mess and they need to fix it. So I think the reason they need to fix it is because they put all that money in the corner position in a defense where we feel like you can draft players to fit that scheme. Seattle did it, they’ve done it over and over again.”

Link: Richard Sherman Contract Details

The Cowboys are in win-now mode so a trade like this makes a lot of sense. However, this is a very deep cornerback class so they need to use their cards carefully and have full knowledge of what they’re getting themselves into. That means knowledge of the talented defensive backs in the draft as well as their draft grades. The same goes with the defensive line because that is another need that has to be addressed. Finally know that with Sherman, you are dealing with a nearly 29 year old that has an injury history and carries great baggage. In my opinion, for the right deal it is a no brainer, but, I’m not too sure the right deal will be available and overpaying is too steep of a price.

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