NFLFootballDaily: Look Out, Here Comes the Browns

With the first overall pick, The Cleveland Browns select…. Everybody is well aware that the Browns hold the sole pick in the draft. What if I told you that they want more than the #1 and #12 picks in the draft? The Browns have inquired to three different teams about trading up in the draft. As NFL Network’s Michael Silver reported, “The Browns have been doing their diligence and investigating the possibility.” Throughout the top 8, the Browns have contacted the Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, and Carolina Panthers.

We all know that the Cleveland Browns have had a drought at the quarterback position for as long anybody can remember. Silver also reported, “The Browns could still take Mitchell Trubisky at No. 1. They could still trade down and try to take him a little lower than one. The more likely scenario right now would be trying to use that 12th pick and get up a little higher to get the quarterback of the future”. The Browns are hungry for their franchise quarterback and are looking at all options to try to acquire him. Thanks to the Eagles for the Carson Wentz deal from last year; those two first round picks will give the Browns leverage. With the clock ticking, only time will tell where the Cleveland Browns will go with their game plan.

Published by: Michael Crocco


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