NFL Draft Round 4-7: Switzer, Woods, White, Ivie, Brown, Carrell

Round 4: Ryan Switzer

A player very similar to Cole Beasley, it will be interesting to see how they use him. He also is a tremendous returner. Therefore, in my opinion, we might have seen the last of Lucky Whitehead… Assuming Switzer beats him out in training camp.

Round 6: Xavier Woods

Someone who was widely known that the Cowboys really liked. I’m not sure what they’re plans are at safety alongside Byron Jones, but you have to figure Woods will at least be in the competition to earn that spot.

Round 6: Marquez White

Note: Back-to-back years that the Cowboys have taken dual sport athlete, actually both football/basketball, in the 6th round. White stands at six-foot, in a backfield that doesn’t lack talent, but does lack size.

Round 7: Joey Ivie

A 7th round pick with some potential to make an impact on the team. Needs to work really hard and earn a roster spot first.

Round 7: Noah Brown

Could be a huge sleeper, a player with a lot of size and athleticism. Jerry Jones noted that Zeke Elliott was the biggest agent to the selection of Brown. Had a game this season where he caught 4 touchdowns, including on with his hands behinds the defensive back’s back.

Round 7: Jordan Carrell

Like Ivie, another player who could possibly work his way into a role. However, first he needs to make the team.

Published by: Nicco Vocaturo


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