NFLFootballDaily: New One, Two Punch in Houston?

The Houston Texans may be on to something. We all know the acquisition of Lamar Miller last off season was a huge asset. At times, the offense looked flat for most of the year, but having an above average runner can make all the difference. Lamar Miller eclipsed 1000 yards for the second time in his five year career, getting the work load he desired. Houston’s head coach, Bill O’Brien, said on Saturday that, “I think he probably carried it a little too much early on. We were very, very dependent on him because he’s that type of player. He’s a guy who shows up every day, he’s in excellent condition, plays through pain”. O’Brien also added, “I think you know, 30 carries in a couple of games, things like that, that’s probably a little too much.” That’s where D’Onta Forearm comes into play for the Houston’s offense.

D’Onta Forearm, former running back for the University of Texas, was selected by the team 2 hours and 34 minutes away. Foreman was selected in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft and is looking to make an immediate impact. Lamar Miller is on board with the acquisition as well. Miller said on Saturday, “It’s good to have (Foreman) on the team, I’m looking forward to working with him. I think he’ll help this team out a lot, the power that he brings. I think it’s a good decision.” Only time will tell, if this new one-two punch will make a dent in the AFC South. I assume with a name like Foreman, making dent might be easier than others. With Foreman’s power, lookout NFL, we might have a star in the making.

Published by: Michael Crocco


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