Sean Lee Ranked Number 79 in NFL Top 100, Why The Linebacker is Underrated

Dallas Cowboys First-Team All-Pro linebacker, Sean Lee has been ranked number 79 on the NFL Top 100. Lee finished the season with 145 tackles in 15 games making plays all of the field earning the name, ‘The General’ mainly due to his incredible leadership. This past season the linebacker finally got to showcase his full repertoire of skills, after many years without being able to stay healthy. This past season’s second round draft pick, and NFL draft consensus top-5 player, Jaylon Smith is on pace to being joining Lee in the backfield this season, which could lead to an incredible defense if all pans out having two ‘quarterbacks of the defense’ leading the ship.

Alike center Travis Frederick, Lee finally has received a spot on the NFL Top 100 after earning his first NFL First-Team All-Pro honor. Both of the players are leaders on and off of the field, and their impacts expand much further than the ordinary fan will see. A center is perhaps the second-most important position on offense, next to the quarterback, as a linebacker is the most important on defense. Both players played their respective positions flawlessly, as I believe Lee is top 35 in my regards. After a year alongside Jaylon Smith, they both should be recognized highly next season.

Congratulations to Sean Lee on this accomplishment, and best of luck next season!


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